Military Room


The military room displays items from the current wars, including equipment, uniforms and guns.


Doctor's Office

Doctor’s Office

The doctor’s office presents medical items used around the 1950s.


Dressmaker's Shop

Dressmaker’s Shop

The dressmaker’s shop is indicative of most small communities in which the lady of the house neither had time or expertise to sew her own wardrobe or a place to go to shop.


Dentist's Office

Dentist’s Office

We all remember the dentist’s office before new technology. Note the foot-powered drill wheel.


1800s Village Square 1800s Village Square

1800s Village Square

Late 1800s Village Square

The life-size village square includes the buildings common to small prairie communities of the time.

Historic Inman businesses include Meyer’s Barber Shop, one of several to serve the Inman area, and Hayden Mercantile, which was operated by a long succession of Hayden family members. Most anything could be purchased here. The Christian Aschman wheelwright shop was one of the earliest businesses in Inman. Aschman made household goods, furniture and horse-drawn carriages, one of which rests near the shop.

Historic social and religious structures are also represented: The adobe church is a smaller reconstruction of the original German/Russian church, the materials from which were used to build this exhibit, and the one-room country school.


Hats and Toys Collection

Hats & Toys

A collection of hats and toys, both designed to keep the users happy.



Inman High School

Inman Graduates

History defined by graduates of time past. This collection goes back to the very first graduating class of Inman High School.




Music Room

Music Room

The music room contains various means of musical entertainment enjoyed by Inman residents.


Wiley's Recreation

Wiley’s Recreation

Wiley’s Recreation was a popular place for casual entertainment of Inman residents--if you were old enough. Billiards, card playing, drinks and socialization were the drawing elements.


Wilke Farmstead Wilke Farmstead

Wilke Farmstead

1875 Wilke Homestead & Farm

The 1875 Wilke homestead house is fully stocked with items peculiar to its day. Also on the farmstead is an outhouse, summer kitchen, brooder house, hog farrowing house and an 1890 barn, completely restored and filled with original items of farm life.



Grain Milling

Grain Milling

The mill display shows the importance and presence of the milling industry in Inman.



Inman Sam

Inman Sam

Inman Sam was recognized as the unofficial mayor of Inman, even though he was a beautiful black cat. He had the run of the town and businesses. His tombstone is in Century Park next to the bank.






“Harvesting capital of the world” was the title given the Inman area. This room features the importance of grain and the usual tools needed in the early years. Note the goat-operated butter churn.


Filling Station

1930s Filling Station

An early 1930s gas station and repair garage was an important business for the early car industry. This one is a White Eagle station that was located in Inman.


Rock Island Depot Rock Island Depot

Rock Island Depot

Rock Island Depot

July 4, 1878, is the birthday of Inman and the grand opening of its Rock Island train depot. The depot is restored and fully functional, and contains Rock Island paraphernalia.



A 1957 Rock Island caboose is an example of one you will never see on railroad tracks again. Fully restored, it was the brakeman’s home away from home.


Equipment Models


The amazing talents of early Inman residents is shown in these wonderful handmade models of farm equipment. Several would actually work if the grain was small enough.


Telephone Office

Telephone Office

The only remaining false front building in Inman is the telephone office, once a shoe shop. All items inside are related to the telephone industry.



And much more